St James Catholic School in Colindale North London recently opened their new theatre space with an LED lighting system, Digital and wireless operated sound, Laser projection, curtains, and tracks black and white backdrop and associated rigging.

The theatre can also be audibly and visually linked to the Assembly hall. The theatre is not only being used by the school, a church group also benefits from our systems and provides a revenue stream for the school.

At St James' Catholic High School, we have now benefited from the expertise of School Stage in two areas of the school. School Stage has supported us in transforming our original school hall into a hall that can be used to great effect for a number of purposes, providing stage lighting and great sound quality. At the same time, they've provided the functionality for playing music via bluetooth in the adjacent fitness suite - the students love having that!

Subsequently, School Stage has provided the sound, curtains, stage and lighting for our new dedicated hall and performance space. This was a complicated project as the hall design had to be altered retrospectively to accommodate the needs of a highly functioning performance space. School Stage took the initiative in liaising with the building contractor to help ensure that everything was in place to ensure that we have the amazing space that we have today.

In our dealings with School Stage, we have found all of the team to be incredibly professional. They work with the school to understand our needs, discuss concepts, make honest suggestions and ultimately bring our ideas to fruition, Some aspects can be highly technical but time is taken to explain and ensure a shared understanding.

The after care service that School Stage provides is great. School Stage is incredibly responsive to my calls and any issues or questions are quickly resolved.

As a school we're lucky to benefit from the services that School Stage offers and I would not hesitate in recommending them.

Sean McGovernSchool Business Manager