The images below show the ability to change a hall into an instant studio and then return back into a functional space.

We had quite a complex challenge of creating an instant performance space in the hall that doubled as a dining room and featured many obstacles in regards to installing our facilities.

The school chose our Wireless control sound system, stage, and Immersive lighting along with pull out drapes on tracks. We also re-plastered around the windows, painted the window reviles at the rear of the hall, and supplied matching curtains. All electrical works and installation were undertaken in house.

From the start, School Stage showed themselves to be a very efficient and conscientious company. Our emails were responded to promptly and the company were more than happy to make on site visits to ensure that our needs were fully understood and could be met. Once the project was underway, the team acted in a professional manner and were ready to answer any questions that we might put to them.

All the equipment was thoroughly checked to ensure that the stage would be fully functional and the follow up training on how to mix the sound and music was great. I would definitely recommend School Stage to any school wishing to upgrade their school hall.

Paul TowellSpecialist Teacher, RAPS