I booked School Stage for our annual theatre LOLER and EICR inspections hoping to work with a new company for us that had great communication, customer service, and with a busy workload, people that took the job out of my hands! But what the college got was so much more than that.

When it comes to rigging and servicing inspections there is a lot of competition from companies out there, but Chris and his employees made me as a novice feel at ease from the get go, and he and Tony were invaluable, giving us all the information that was needed to understand exactly what had to be done compared to what was not necessarily urgent or relevant. They visited the site and carefully considered their plan, as with a vast complex set up, it was evident that there was a lot of work to complete along with items not discovered by previous companies before we could undergo a weight test.

This is where School Stage were perfect for us, as we could use them to do both the work and the inspection, without having to get another company involved! They also advised we get a second opinion from other companies and for us that spoke volumes about their integrity.

Project Manager and Certified Loler inspector Tony expertly led a small team comprising of a rigger, electrician and technician to complete the work thoroughly. All were more than happy to catch up over the phone, or demonstrate the work they had done in person so that I could see and understand what had been done. As far as the inspection goes, we received a detailed report promptly, and could very easily see what was and wasn’t suitable for our venue. Tony had taken a lot of time on this report, providing us with excellent advice for moving forward, whilst Chris is still in contact with us now, giving us additional support in other departmental projects.

All I can say is School Stage went above and beyond with everything – with almost no time or effort required for me! I was totally relaxed with them undertaking the job and felt that they were in complete control. We were also impressed with their safe handling of Covid 19 and even provided us with a detailed risk assessment and policy beforehand. I would not hesitate to recommend School Stage to any school or college and very much welcome to work with the team again soon.

Zoe HarbourTheatre Manager and Technician Theatre on the Hill, Amersham Campus