Great Heath Academy was going through a period of expansion and required an audio-visual installation in the enlarged school hall to replace an ageing and unreliable system with something more suitable for a larger audience. Of the companies that we asked to quote for the job, School Stage were the only ones to do a proper on-site survey and ask the right questions to narrow down our requirement. The resulting system not only met our requirement, but delivered quality at a competitive price.

Throughout the installation, the School Stage team liaised with me and my other contractors to ensure everything was done correctly and on time. They also ensured key staff were trained responded quickly to any after-sales issues. The system is now used daily by the staff and importantly, the children at the back can now both hear and see what is going on at the front (no more excuses!).

The academy also had a neglected lighting rig which required repair and refurbishment. School Stage, were also able to take on the refurbishment of the rig which is now lighting up the school stage regularly for school productions.

Colin HolmesICT Manager