Manor Green College is a dynamic and inspirational West Sussex secondary school for students between the ages of 11-19 who experience a wide range of learning difficulties. In the summer of 2017, School Stage installed lighting, sound and curtains to create a fabulous drama studio facility.


When we were fortunate enough to receive charitable funding for a drama studio we engaged with several companies, however it was School Stage who understood what we were trying to achieve. All the companies we approached where impressive but School Stage had experience in working in an SEN environment and understood our vision best.

As the project progressed we were impressed by School Stage’s management of the one and only sub-contractor involved in the manufacturing of the curtains and although there were hiccups everything was completed on time.

Should a problem arise one of School Stage’s technicians has dealt with it quickly and efficiently which turned out to be an error on the school’s part however the engineer who had also installed the system was extremely forgiving and understanding.

Showed that School Stage were instant in attending to issues without question their approach to business reflects their opening paragraph about their integrity and understanding.

We have had the Installation for 8 months and it is performing well, our students absolutely love the space that School Stage have created, more students have engaged with Drama than ever before and we have high hopes for this year’s production.

Fred FisherICT Manager