Stage Lighting

Barkway Village Hall stage lighting

Good stage lighting makes all the difference to the experience of both performer and the audience. Lighting magnificently changes the atmosphere of an everyday space to something quite spectacular. As well as enhancing productions, some schools use our lighting to change the mood of assemblies. We use cool blues on hot summer days and warm glows for those cold, dark winters.

LED Lighting

We mostly use a combination of conventional lighting as well as the latest power-saving LED lighting. This results in well-lit performers with great washes of colour and a range of effects that can be changed instantly, without the use of filters. However, due to better quality LED lanterns which do produce a good warm white light, we are increasingly installing LED only systems.

Immersive Lighting

We have worked in a number of special schools where the design needs to be carefully considered. Some lighting can cause distress. As well as for performance spaces, lighting can be used to generate immersive spaces that create the right environment to stimulate pupils’ learning abilities.

Furthermore, our qualified team at School Stage also have specialist knowledge of how to choose the best type of lighting for people with autism.

Electrical outgoing circuits for stage lighting bars and control equipment are commonly forgotten and not tested by the general electrical contractor as part of the schools 3 or 5 yearly fixed inspection and test. In order to obtain certain test results the control systems do need to be operated. We suggest having all theatrical testing undertaken by theatrical installers such as School Stage.

You probably already have a yearly Portable Appliance testing routine for your electrical equipment throughout the school. This should include all the stage technical equipment which is often at high level and difficult to access.

We advise as part of a service and inspection of your theatrical systems that appliance testing is undertaken by a theatrical installer opposed to a general appliance testing company. We have found that general companies do not re focus the stage lights, press buttons by mistake and end up with companies such as School Stage being called out due to equipment not working.

Lighting, Sound and Video systems should be regularly maintained. This includes internal cleaning of components, software & firmware updates, and fine tuning any focussing of lights or programming of audio visual equipment.

The LOLER regulations set out under the Health & Safety at Work Act require all lifting equipment to be inspected annually by law. Other fixed systems such as curtain track, speakers, projectors and other equipment at hight should also be regularly inspected for safety.


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