On-site solutions: enhancing performance and presentation

When Quality Matters

We provide a good balance between cost and quality. Some companies install cheap, poor quality equipment. This simply does not give the results needed for good presentations and is less likely to last the test of time. These cheaper systems are less reliable with lighting systems giving poor intensity and PA systems lacking clarity. Each school or other setting will have specific needs and we will bring the vision and knowledge to ensure you have systems that give the best sound and visual experience you can buy within your resources.

Stage Lighting

Good lighting makes all the difference to the experience of both performers and the audience. It can be used to change the atmosphere of an everyday space too. As well as enhancing productions, some schools use our lighting to change the mood of assemblies e.g. using cool blues on hot summer days and warm glows for those cold winter days.

We mostly use a combination of conventional lighting and the latest power-saving LED lighting resulting in well-lit performers with great washes of colour and a range of effects that can be changed instantly, without the use of filters. However there are now some better quality LED lanterns which do produce a good warm white light so we are increasingly installing LED only systems.

We have worked in a number of special schools where the design needs to be carefully considered. As well as for performance spaces, lighting can be used to create immersive spaces that create the right environment to stimulate learning. we also have specialist knowledge of how to choose the best type of lighting for children on the autistic spectrum as some lighting can cause distress.

Sherfield Sound Systems

Sound Systems

Sound reinforcement and amplification in a school or community environment needs a specialist approach.

We will design a system that works well with child or amateur performers and matches your particular requirements and budget. After analysing your room’s acoustics, the system will be attuned to your space. This ensures that your audio system will give good clarity and audibility of sound.

Two sets of audio inputs are usually installed in a space so that the sound system can either be operated from the front (for everyday use such as assemblies or meetings), or from the back (for productions or concerts). We also offer the latest digital wireless technology so you can use handheld or head-worn microphones without wires or interference.

Our sound systems are designed to be flexible and multi-functional covering every application where you need to be heard. We also install Weatherproof PA systems for outdoor performance spaces.

Audio Visual

The impact of audio visual (AV) technology on learning environments is remarkable. Projection and other AV equipment has become an essential feature of every educational and community space.

  • Projection – we can install projectors in any hall whether suspended from the ceiling or wall-mounted.
  • Screens – manual or electric for front or rear projection.
  • Digital displays
  • Tannoy/Public Address systems
  • Motorised cameras
  • Touch-screen control systems in lecterns or wall panels

Stage Curtains, Theatrical Curtains and Curtain Tracks

School Stage designs and installs bespoke, made-to-measure stage curtains, theatrical curtains, front-of-house drapes, cycloramas, valances, star cloths, tabs, leg curtains and blackout blinds. Curtains and drapes are specially made for each project using inherently fire retardant fabrics. They can be used for decorative, theatrical, functional or acoustic purposes.

Rigging & Lighting Grids

From a single lighting bar to a full lighting grid, we will design, supply and install lighting and sound support infrastructure to any space.

Our engineers will determine the fixing and loading requirements, providing secondary supports where required. We can also test and, where necessary, strengthen an existing structure, ensuring it remains safe.

Electrical Services

Our qualified electricians are experienced at carrying out electrical work in schools, churches and community buildings. Work is completed to a high standard of safety and is NICEIC certificated.

  • Theatrical and commercial electrics
  • Electrical refurbishment
  • Electrical design
  • Energy-efficient lighting installation
  • Power supplies and fuse boards
  • School bells and sounders